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MSI Gaming Video - Time 



MSI Gaming invited Simon Lee, a travel photographer, and me to create a video promoting MSI Creator Laptop. 


The idea of the video is to describe a day of a Freelance Photographer. 

Time is an important thing in freelancers' eyes. They usually don't have a specific workplace and enjoy the flexible working time.

However, some sudden client inquiries and deadline are the biggest challenges to them. Therefore, a compact laptop is what they need. 

I designed several scenes to present a hurry mood to the audience, including the message scene, and the scene that Simon editing on a mountain. 

The whole video is meant to send the idea of creating anywhere. 

It is a solo project. I was responsible for script-writing, scouting, shooting and editing the video. 



PART A my ver.00_00_07_01.Still001.jpg
PART A my ver.00_00_10_19.Still002.jpg
PART A my ver.00_00_36_03.Still003.jpg
PART A my ver.00_00_44_21.Still004.jpg
PART A my ver.00_00_48_12.Still005.jpg
PART A my ver.00_00_53_04.Still006.jpg
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